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Welcome to the Next Generation of

WealthFeed's AI-powered platform provides real-time money-in-motion data to acquire new clients.

Platform Benefits

Utilize WealthFeed to...

Discover your niche target prospects
Enrich your current database with insightful data points and up-to-date contact information
Receive alerts when new local prospects meet your saved search criteria
Identify relatives of your database, along with their respective contact information
Identify 9 unique money-in-motion events happening in your local area, in real-time
Monitor your current client base for money-in-motion events on a go-forward basis
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 Product Features

Find exactly what you're looking for? Take information exclusive and off the WealthFeed platform from others.


Get granular with your prospect search!

WealthFeed allows you to filter your search by your specific niche. For example:
Catalyst Event
Net Worth
Income Range
Lifestyle Attributes
Phone & Email
Alma Mater
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Gain powerful insight on your current database.

Enrich your prospects with:
Net Worth
Alma Mater
Income Range
Email/Phone Number
Home Value
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Aggregate outside client assets and increase client retention

Get alerted when one of your clients goes through a money-in-motion event.
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WealthFeed empowers Financial Advisors to grow their book of business and increase client retention through our AI-powered Money-in-Motion platform.

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Catalyst Events

 Discover Money-in-Motion
 in your Area

Utilize WealthFeed to identify:


$84 trillion is expected to
passed down through 2045

Business Sales

33.2 million small businesses
exist across the U.S.

New Movers

30 million people move to a
new location every year

New Parents

3.6 million babies are born
every year in the U.S.

Recent Marriages

2 million individuals are newly
married every year

Recent Separations

700 thousand individuals separate from their
spouse every year

Capital Raises

Billions of dollars are raised in
the U.S. each year

Recent Retirees

Millions of Americans reach full
retirement age each year

Job Change

600 thousand Americans
switch jobs each year

Unlock the potential of the $129 Trillion Wealth Transfer and more


Data Points


Money-In-Motion Events


Catalyst Events


Wealthfeed integrates with tools to make your job easier.

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Get started with your subscription

Only pay for what you need: WealthFeed's subscription gives you access to the entire database and feature set. Beyond the subscription fee, WealthFeed uses a credit system enabling users to unlock contact information for their perfect prospects and take control of any additional charges.
Monthly Subscription


Access to money-in-motion events nationwide
Data updated weekly
Receive 50 free credits every month
2 credits per contact unlock
Contact enrichment
100 Monitored contacts/month
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Annual Subscription


Pay upfront and save 22% on your subscription
25% more free credits
Receive 750 free credits upfront (instead of 50/month)
2 credits per contact unlock
100 monitored contacts/month
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"WealthFeed is the best direct contact list for high net worth prospects that just had a life changing event, bar none."
"I have a niche type of prospect that I know I have a higher conversion rate with. WealthFeed is the only platform that gives me the ability to get granular in my prospect search and specifically identify those who have money in motion."
"WealthFeed is a game changer for my firm's business development. Their platform automates data aggregation and processing that typically takes our team hours, if not days, to sift through."

Our brand

Top-of-funnel lead generation
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High-propensity prospects surfaced on your feed
High-propensity prospects surfaced on your feed
Relevant money-in-motion events throughout the platform
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Relevant money-in-motion events throughout the platform
Group 11917
Monitor and enrich your current connections
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Monitor and enrich your current connections
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  • What is WealthFeed?

    Leveraging advanced AI and data analytics, WealthFeed empowers financial advisors and insurance agents to identify and connect with high-quality prospects that have money-in-motion. The platform’s suite of features includes a robust Discovery data feed, a Person Enrich feature and Client Monitoring, offering a comprehensive solution for streamlined and effective client acquisition.

  • Who is WealthFeed for?

    WealthFeed was built for any Financial Services professional looking to grow their book of business organically (e.g., Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Tax Advisors, etc.). WealthFeed is also great for marketing departments looking to expand their target audience through the use of predictive analytics on High-Net-Worth individuals.

  • Is the information I unlock exclusive to me?

    WealthFeed is an open architecture info-tech platform. Accordingly, while all data you discover and unlock is unique to your specific search criteria, other users may also come across and unlock the same information. The one exception to this is if you choose to take an event exclusive, which removes the event tied to that high-net-worth individual entirely off the platform. Unlocking and making an event exclusively yours costs 10 total credits (as opposed to the standard 2 credits to unlock information not taken exclusive).

  • Where is the data sourced?

    The information in WealthFeed is derived from millions of online public sources. WealthFeed aggregates, analyzes and verifies billions of unstructured data points to create actionable data points for Financial Services professionals. WealthFeed’s governance framework is compliant with CCPA and GDPR, and is in process of becoming SOC2 Type 2 certified. All of the data WealthFeed collects is publicly available or opt-in. Once gathered, WealthFeed applies multiple processes to ensure the data you receive is as accurate as possible.

  • How current is the data?

    WealthFeed surfaces new event data to the platform on a weekly and monthly basis with an “Event Month” label highlighting the month that WealthFeed detected it. WealthFeed discovers most events within 90 days of them occurring, and often sooner.

  • What region(s) does WealthFeed identify data in?

    WealthFeed surfaces local data throughout the United States.

  • What can my WealthFeed credits be used for?

    Credits can be used to spend in both our discover feature and enrichment feature. 2 credits unlocks prospect profile information within our discover feature. 1 credit will enrich your current prospect. 1 credit = $1 USD and additional credits can be purchased through the platform.

  • Are there limits on the amount of data I can export each month?

    There are no limits or minimums on the amount of data you can export each month. Any unused credits in a given month will roll over to next month’s balance.

  • When can I cancel my subscription?

    You may cancel your monthly or annual WealthFeed subscription at any time.